A collage of dishes for 40 Best Holiday Recipes

40 Best Holiday Recipes

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A collection of Louisiana Woman Blog’s 40 Best Holiday Recipes. Everything from appetizers to salads, side dishes, main dishes like Louisiana gumbos, desserts, and candies.

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Start With Holiday Appetizers

Give your get-togethers delicious beginnings to a great meal, or throw a party with tantalizing appetizers. And I figure you may need an idea or two for what to take to ANOTHER holiday party.

These delicious hot dips, Creamed Spinach With Mushrooms, Baked Mexican Layered Dip, or Chunky Cheesy Creamy Crawfish Dip, are served with crispy tortilla chips or crackers.

For more hot appetizers, there are Spinach Veggie Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken Wraps, and Best Ever Hush Puppies. Yes, Hush Puppies make great appetizers! They will greet your guests well and keep them occupied until dinner.

There are also cold dips like this Fresh Herb Dip, Blackened Catfish Dip, Delta Meets Acadien, or this Muffuletta Cheese Ball.

Next, Salad Recipes

For easy meal prep, the Blueberry-Mandarin Ranch Salad, Copper Pennies Salad With Jalapenos, and Broccoli Cauliflower Salad can all be made ahead of time for a more enjoyable family gathering.

The fruit salad can be served as a side dish or dessert. This Fresh Fruit Salad is flavored with cream cheese and cream, then tossed with 7 fresh fruits. My mawmaw’s Congealed Salad, Lime Or Cherry Flavored, is a classic fruit dish with a tropical taste. If you like salty-sweet, you’ll like this Strawberry Pretzel Salad With Step-By-Step Instructions.

Side Dishes

Here are some classic side dishes we all depend on during the holidays. Dishes like Cheesy, Creamy Green Bean Casserole, Fresh Sweet Potato Casserole, and Cornbread Dressing are constant old faithful.

And these corn recipes go well with turkey and dressing. The natural sweetness in Amy’s Corn Casserole, Corn Maque Choux, and Mexican Street Corn also add a little contrast to other vegetable sides.

Main Dishes

This Brined And Roasted Turkey is a never-fail way to prepare a holiday bird. The meat is always juicy and flavorful. It’s also a great way to marinate chicken and pork.

Maybe your family doesn’t eat turkey. Our gang will eat it on Thanksgiving and Easter, but we like gumbo on Christmas Eve. It’s usually Chicken Gumbo, SimpIy Classic Cajun, but Shrimp Okra Gumbo or Seafood Gumbo are both perfect for special occasions.

There are other alternatives to turkey, like Louisiana Rice Dressing, Pork Jambalaya, A Traditional Cajun Dish, and Fish In Red Gravy. All of these come with a tasty Louisiana holiday tradition.

Dessert – The Grand Finale

Pie is always a holiday favorite. You can start with a Classic Homemade Crust for No-Sugar Sweet Potato Pie and Low Carb Coconut Pie; Undertaker’s Delight. These are great for guilt-free eating.

Baking Christmas cookies is a popular idea, with thoughts that Santa will take a break from his marathon sleigh run and have cookies and milk. These Lemon Cake Mix Cookies are easy to make, starting with a box mix. The Royale Chocolate Chip Cookies with macadamia nuts and Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies delight the taste buds that any Santa would love.

Making candy is often a family tradition at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I remember my Mawmaw and Mama making Noelie’s Pecan Pralines. It’s a classic Cajun confectionery.

For easy-to-make candy, these German Chocolate No-Bake Cookies will do, especially if you like German Chocolate cake. And Valentine Candy Crunch is much like Christmas crack. It’s so delicious and hard to resist.

And, of course, there’s always a CAKE! This Best Chocolate Cake Recipe is a crowd-pleaser of a decadent chocolate treat. The Banana Pudding Cake-Mix Cake is easy and tastes like banana pudding but in cake form. If you like lemon-lime, you’ll enjoy this 7-Up Cake Mix Cake. They are all delicious desserts for any occasion.


Here’s a little something extra, making this 40 + recipes. These Sugar Cookies, Cajun Roasted Pecans, and Buttery-Salted Roasted Pecans easily make great holiday gifts.

And There You Have It!

My best holiday recipes all in one post! Of course, there are more dishes to be explored on Louisiana Woman Blog. You can search for them in the categories listed at the top of the page.

I hope you’ve found inspiration to create delicious dishes for gifts, parties, and dinners for family and friends this holiday season. May you all share a beautiful season enjoying God’s bounty.

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Have a nice day!

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Charles Dickens

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  1. I don’t always get to make what I want from here, but your blog is a happy and helpful encouragement to me! I’ve made a couple of things and I’ll be trying to make hushpuppies tomorrow. I’m a 35y/o mom of 8. Seven of them absolutely DESPISE stuffing.
    Thank you so much for sharing your godly wisdom and your recipes. We younger ladies need more Titus 2 women like you in the world.

    • Thank you and God bless you, Ebony! You have blessed me this Thanksgiving day! You are one of the reasons I started blogging. If I can encourage anyone then I’m doing what God has put in my heart to do. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas season. Enjoy your hush puppies!

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