Does anyone ever fry chicken anymore? From the conversations I’ve had with others lately it seems we are too used to driving by and picking up a bucket of what used to be a frequent main dish prepared by our own mamas and grandma’s. A staple in our southern households that was way better … More Wings

Two Days of Tea Cakes: Day 2, ‘Tit Gateau Sec (Little Dry Cake)

When discussing my mother-in-law’s tea cake recipe with my mama, she told me of tea cakes they used to make using a sweet pie dough recipe. I so enjoy a good tart made with sweet pie dough! All they did was take the left over dough after making the tarts or pies, roll it out, … More Two Days of Tea Cakes: Day 2, ‘Tit Gateau Sec (Little Dry Cake)

Two Days of Tea Cakes: Day 1, Mama’s Tea Cakes

A friend recently asked if I had a Teacake recipe and I told her, “No, but my mother-in-law does!” These flat, dense, large cookies made with flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs and flavoring quickly becomes a frequent request from those my mother-in-law, Clarice Hartshorn (I call her Mom), shares them with. When she first set … More Two Days of Tea Cakes: Day 1, Mama’s Tea Cakes

Easy Blackend Fish

  I have been searching lately for a good recipe for blackened fish, but you know how busy these days are gearing up for the holidays. No extra time! Then a few weeks ago I was blessed to cross paths with a precious lady, Chris Korodi, from West Monroe, LA.  It was one of those … More Easy Blackend Fish

Kat’s Rodeo Soup

  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We enjoyed celebrating it at home with our children and grandchildren. Somehow we end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen together during the holidays so quick and easy food preparation is what interests me these days and it probably does you, too. A few … More Kat’s Rodeo Soup

“Da” Donut Touch

I didn’t know my great-grandma, Grandma George, who was called after her husband’s first name. That’s how the married women used to be referred to in south Louisiana, by their husband’s first names. My daddy’s mama was “Madame Bill” and my mama “Madame Bill, Jr.” or “Madame T-Bill” as the cow-hands at Outside Island used … More “Da” Donut Touch