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The Shrimp Tool

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I’m happy to share with you a useful kitchen gadget called the Shrimp Tool. Even though shrimp season is coming to a close in some zones, we still have access to frozen shrimp in the shell, and that’s when this little helper comes in handy.

Close up of shrimp tool with unpeeled shrimp in background

It’s safe to use, saves time in the kitchen, and that makes me happy!

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Peeling shrimp is one job I used to put off until the last minute. It can be tedious and drawn out. Like having to remove the tail and the shell then cut into the back of the shrimp to get that nasty vein out. The only thing that motivated me was the thought of that yummy shrimp dish I was about to enjoy like this Shrimp Creole.

Shrimp creole on a bed of white rice with lemon for garnish

Then, at last, my sister, Eleanor, introduced me to the Shrimp Tool. Let me show you how it works.

Step One

Insert the peeler into the back of the shrimp. You don’t have to remove the tail, but these shrimp came packaged tail-less for my freezer, so I’m using what I have.

shrimp tool

Then, keep inserting and moving the Shrimp Tool to the back end of the shrimp.

shrimp tool

Step Two

Lastly, remove the shell away, and there you have one clean shrimp!

shrimp tool

Sometimes, the vein is still attached to the shrimp, but it’s exposed and easy to remove.

shrimp peeler

I found this Shrimp Tool at Larry’s Grocery Store in Kaplan, Louisiana where I’m from, but there are plenty of shrimp peelers on the web to choose from, and you may be surprised to find one in your own neighborhood store.

Of course, you can buy shrimp already peeled. Just make sure the seafood you purchase is always as local and as freshly frozen as you can get.

boiled shrimp

Here are some more recipes from this website that you can use to  cook with your freshly peeled shrimp:

Close-up of oysters and shrimp in a bowl of seafood Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo
Shrimp Okra Gumbo and rice in a pale pink bowl
Shrimp Okra Gumbo Fitting for Fall and All
Bowl of seafood bisque garnished with sliced green onion and buttered bread.
Seafood Bisque

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