The Roux Spoon

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I’m introducing a new category of kitchen gadgets today on the blog. Today’s tool is one that I find myself reaching for more than I thought I would. It’s a roux spoon!Roux Spoon

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roux spoon
Spring is here and Cord’s nose knows it!

I received these spoons as a gift. At first I didn’t know if I’d use them since I was satisfied with a wooden spoon to stir around my roux. But have you ever received a gift and then realized how well it filled a need you didn’t even know you had? That’s how I felt when my friend, Tina gave me these 2 roux spoons. She is a frequent roux maker herself from South Louisiana who possesses amazing skills in the kitchen. So whenever my dear friend speaks I listen and whenever she gives me a gift for my kitchen it always makes cooking better. (Thank you, Tina!)

The roux spoons’ straight and slanted end is not only good for browning flour in oil, but also for stirring around other things in the bottom of a pot. It’s good for sauteing vegetables, browning meat, stirring sauces and candy such as pralines and fudge.

Roux Spoon

The only way I know how to explain the difference in the use of a roux spoon from a regular round edged spoon is that there is more ease in moving ingredients around with the flat edged end. It’s more comfortable to handle especially when you have to stand over a hot stove for several minutes.

Roux Spoon

Roux Spoon
Great for making Noelie’s Pecan Pralines.

You may or may not be able to pick one up at your local store, but there are several websites found on the internet that offer different brands. They can be made of different kinds of wood or stainless steel. I would say if you spend much time over the stove stirring food around in the bottom of a pot a lot, this would be a good investment or for sure a great gift for someone who does. Happy stirring!

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  1. Thank you for this awesome write up about our spoons! Loved finding this and that you love using them. We are Cajun Classic Cookware & McWare Inc. We love the roux spoons also, they are all I will use now!

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