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Easy Blackend Fish

Easy Blackend Fish



I have been searching lately for a good recipe for blackened fish, but you know how busy these days are gearing up for the holidays. No extra time! Then a few weeks ago I was blessed to cross paths with a precious lady, Chris Korodi, from West Monroe, LA.  It was one of those chance meetings that only God could orchestrate. A mutual friend had invited her to our neck of the woods where we had an opportunity to get acquainted and be refreshed by sharing our faith and experiences we’ve had in our Heavenly Father along with a large dose of prayer. I love those predestined meetings. Thank you, Lord!

Before we parted she stuck a bottle of seasoning into my hand and said, “Here!” I was delighted to see that it was some Louisiana Blackened Fish Seasoning made by her husband Chef Hans.


Well, I knew what I was having for supper that weekend. I picked up some catfish fillets at the store and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of preparing the blackened fish. After generously seasoning the fish fillets I added them to a heavy saucepan that had 1 tablespoon of melted butter per fillet in it according to the directions on the bottle.


I blackened the fish on both sides over high heat then turned down the heat to allow the fillets to cook until they were done and dinner was ready to serve.


So easy and yes, so good! Very flavorful. I had taken out some frozen crawfish etouffe from the freezer, warmed it up and poured it over the fish. Of course that just added another depth of flavor.

Later I used the same seasoning on some peeled shrimp that I had put on skewers. I grilled them over the stove on an oiled grill pan for about 3 minutes on each side. So yummy!


I’m pretty sure you can purchase Chef Hans seasonings in the Monroe area grocery stores or you can visit on the Internet to place an order. I hope you give it a try since it’s so quick and easy.

These dishes can be prepared for your holiday gatherings. Those skewers make great appetizers or toss the shrimp into a salad for a light meal. You can even give Chef Hans seasoning blends as Christmas gifts to your friends and family like I plan on doing. Don’t forget to invite them over to for a good etouffe recipe to go with their fish. Thanks!

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.  Proverbs 11:25

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