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Noelie’s Pecan Pralines

I’m sharing my family’s favorite holiday candy, Noelie’s Pecan Pralines, hoping it’ll become yours, too! This creamy melt-in-your-mouth homemade candy is made from my Maw-maw Noelie’s recipe. It’s a classic southern Louisiana favorite that’s easy to prepare, especially in cold, dry weather.

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Easy Blackend Fish

A Chance Meeting? I have been searching lately for a good recipe for blackened fish, but you know how busy these days are. It’s time to gear up for the holidays. No extra time! Then a few weeks ago I crossed paths with a precious lady, Chris Korodi, from West Monroe, LA.  It was one […]


Croquesignoles Or French Donuts

Grandma George’s Croquesignoles (French Donuts) I didn’t know my great-grandma, Grandma George, who was called after her husband’s first name. That’s how the married women used to be referred to in south Louisiana, by their husband’s first names. My daddy’s mama was “Madame Bill” and my mama “Madame Bill, Jr.” or “Madame T-Bill” as the […]


Couche-Couche, A Cajun Delicacy

It was early morning and as I was getting ready for the day to head back home I heard a stirring in her kitchen. I hurried because I didn’t want to miss a thing. Almost too late! She already had the cornmeal mush in her black iron skillet. It was puffed up on the sides […]