chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Many of us have a favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Do you? This chewy, chunky, chocolatey, moist recipe highlights the reason the chocolate chip cookie remains a favorite today. The browned butter and cake flour give it richness and chewiness setting it apart from any other.


Blackberry Dumplings, The Prize of the Hunt

Picking blackberries was always worth the effort when Mama promised a pot of her blackberry dumplings. It was the bait that got us running out of the door with bucket in hand. Walking along the canal levees hunting for the red and black berry-thickets was a game in itself. The best ones were always climbing […]


Easy Lemon Curd For A Mother’s Day Queen Cake

Mother’s Day calls for a special tribute to Mamas. Why not celebrate with a Queen Cake and it’s layers of filling of cream and lemon curd. Recently, I found this appropriately named royal tower on Louisiana Cookin’ magazine’s website (http://louisianacookin.com/queen-cake/). I remembered reading this Mother’s Day Brunch article in our local library, so off I […]

Salads, Sweets

Tropical Fruit Salad, A Mama’s Invention

This tropical fruit salad is so typical of my mama’s delectable kitchen inventions. This citrusy fruit dish gives a light lift to any meal. It is a long-standing family favorite that comes from the knack Mama has of concocting recipes off the top of her head. There are other made-up recipes, for instance, her delicious creamy […]