Square and round chocolate Fat Bombs on a white plate.

Fat Bombs

These Fat Bombs have the essential ingredients of coconut oil, cocoa, nut butter, vanilla, and stevia, but we don’t have to stop there! How about we get creative and add some shredded coconut for a chocolate coconut fat bomb? Or, what about some chopped nuts or spicy Cajun Cracklins for diversity? They are perfect for […]


Sugar Cookies

These delicious melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies made with brown butter are soft, chewy, and full of vanilla bean flavor. Serve them as they are or all dressed up like these Christmas cookies. 

Easy Pie Trifle Dessert in a trifle bowl.

Easy Pie Trifle Dessert

This Easy Pie Trifle Dessert is luscious, made with chunks of baked pie layered with a mascarpone cream filling and your favorite syrupy sauce. Garnish with pie crust crumbs, and you’ve got a super-easy dish that’s an ever-present help in time of need!

Pumpkin bars with glaze cooling on a rack.

Pumpkin Bars

These super-moist Pumpkin Bars are the bomb!  Presenting to you persimmon bars substituted with pumpkin baked with dates and nuts with a little lemon juice and lots of spice. These bars are a perfect treat for the fall days you’ve been longing for. Cooler weather at last!

Lunchroom Lady Oatmeal Cookies baked on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Lunchroom Lady Oatmeal Cookies

How many of you appreciate good oatmeal cookies, raise your hand? I raise my hand high because I’ve convinced myself that anything made with oatmeal is a healthy choice and allowable even at breakfast. And especially with tea or coffee and cream with sweetener, please!