A cookie sheet of cooked cookies with powdered sugar.

Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

There are six simple ingredients to these quick and easy Lemon Cake Mix Cookies. These sweet treats are full of citrusy flavor and will melt in your mouth. All it takes is a little measuring of ingredients, zesting and squeezing of fresh lemon, stirring, and dropping by spoonfuls onto a sheet pan before baking. What […]

Slice of 3 layer Mandaliscious Mandarin Orange Cake on a blue plate with a fork.

Mandaliscious Mandarin Orange Cake

High temperatures and humidity call for cool desserts like the classic mandarin orange cake. This version is full of flavor with an added taste of coconut to the creamy pineapple filling. It keeps well in the refrigerator for an easy make-ahead treat. So suitable for our Southern or any summer climate!

Three glass dessert cups with strawberries and blue berries on top of cream filling for Keto Lemon Berry Dessert.
Keto, Sweets

Keto Lemon Berry Dessert

A little help to get you to your weight loss goal is in this luscious Keto Lemon Berry Dessert. It’s full of flavor, with no sugar added, and has a delightful creamy filling. Serve it to your whole household. It’ll get eaten and not just for Keto’s sake!

Easy Blueberry Pot Pie in a white ramekin bowl toped with ice cream next to a spoonful of pie.

Easy Blueberry Pot Pie

Blueberries are in season and this Easy Blueberry Pot Pie is a breeze to prepare for a summer treat or any time. It’s made with fresh or frozen berries and topped with a flaky sweet dough pastry that possesses a hint of nutmeg. The taste has a familiar resemblance to the fruit-filled sweet dough tarts […]

A slice of single layered Glazed Carrot Cake topped with a carrot curl and mint leaf on a white china plate.

Glazed Carrot Cake

Carrots may be for Easter, but this delicious Glazed Carrot Cake soaked in a buttermilk rum sauce and topped with a classic buttercream icing is definitely fit for any occasion. An occasion as sweet as Mother’s Day or any special day. I’ll tell you where I got the idea for this cute carrot garnish, too!