A large bowl of muffuletta pasta salad.

Muffuletta Pasta Salad

Like the famous New Orleans muffuletta sandwich, this Muffuletta Pasta Salad packs a punch of flavor. It has the same combination of spicy cold cuts, Italian cheeses, and salty olives found in that classic sandwich. The salad is perfect for a light lunch, appetizer, or side dish for any meal.

Fresh Fruit Salad in a white bowl.
Salads, Sweets

Fresh Fruit Salad

This Fresh Fruit Salad is always a hit at our house served as a side dish or a light dessert. The whipped cream dressing is flavored with cream cheese, and a little sweetness then tossed with 7 fresh fruits. It’s a refreshing, easy to make, no-cook dish.

A serving of Shrimp Salad with 2 lemon slices.
Appetizers, Main Dishes, Salads

Shrimp Salad

This Shrimp Salad is akin to Shrimp Remoulade. It’s dressed in a spicy-cool sauce with a sweet Cajun kick. The crispy bites of red peppers and the surprising ingredient of artichoke hearts make this salad extra special. Yep, artichoke hearts! It will be love at first bite, I’m sure!

A bowl of mock crab meat in a salad.
Appetizers, Salads

Easy Crab Salad

Whether your picnicking or eating in, this Easy Crab Salad will satisfy your hunger for something light and refreshing. It has flavorful veggies and crab meat dressed in a creamy mayo and greek yogurt dressing spiked with Tabasco hot pepper sauce. Enjoy it alone with extra lemon or stuffed into a tomato, avocado, or roll. […]

A closeup picture of aBlueberry-Mandarin Ranch Salad.
Salads, Side Dishes

Blueberry-Mandarin Ranch Salad

The diverse flavors of this Blueberry-Mandarin Ranch Salad come together in perfect unison. It begins with fruit, mixed greens, tangy dried cranberries, and things that go crunch mixed all together in a large bowl. Then serving it with Homemade Ranch Dressing may sound like an odd combination, but hang on! Let me tell you more.

Five small white bowls on a wooden board of Chicken Salad Your Way.
Main Dishes, Salads

Chicken Salad Your Way

It’s chicken salad season! . . . well, not officially, but summer is the time for craving something cold and light with protein for satisfying on-the-go appetites. This Chicken Salad recipe is basic, but not bland, with lots of optional ingredients to suit your taste. It’s like that cute black dress you can dress up […]

Glass bowl full of Corn Salad With Tomatoes stirred with a silver spoon.

Corn Salad With Tomatoes

I’m happy to introduce to you this delightful corn salad. It’s made with whole kernel corn, tomatoes, green onions, and feta cheese tossed with a lightly sweetened apple cider vinaigrette balanced with a bite of red pepper flakes. Oh, and also the healthful benefits that come from Feta cheese!