Main Dishes

A dish of a square of cornbread topped with a crawfish stew.
Main Dishes

Crawfish ‘n Cornbread

If you’re a fan of fresh-baked cornbread and spicy crawfish stew, then you’ll love the combination of this Crawfish n’ Cornbread dish! It’s delicious cooked in a butter roux spiced with jalapeno peppers and ladled over a chunk of crusty cornbread.

A white bowl of shrimp stew on rice with a poached eggs cut into with a fork.
Main Dishes, Seafood

Shrimp Stew With Eggs

There are two ways to make Shrimp Stew With Eggs. One is to boil the eggs and add them to the stew’s gravy, but recently I’ve discovered another way that I think I might like better. It starts with a rich roux then ends with freshly cracked eggs poured right into the gravy for poaching. […]

Two Marinated Hot Dogs in buns on parchment paper on a red and white plaid napkin.
Main Dishes

Marinated Hot Dogs

In this recipe for Marinated Hot Dogs, we’ll turn up the volume of flavor on an already popular food. The marinade is simply a few well-known sauces and some Cajun seasoning. I’ll also show you a helpful way to warm up those buns. All this and the right toppings add taste and a little gourmet […]

Five small white bowls on a wooden board of Chicken Salad Your Way.
Main Dishes, Salads

Chicken Salad Your Way

It’s chicken salad season! . . . well, not officially, but summer is the time for craving something cold and light with protein for satisfying on-the-go appetites. This Chicken Salad recipe is basic, but not bland, with lots of optional ingredients to suit your taste. It’s like that cute black dress you can dress up […]