An Instant Pot Soup

An Instant Pot Soup

Recipe Hunting

Have you cooked anything new in your Instant Pot lately? My latest was a hearty, homemade bowl of navy bean soup.

Instant Pot Soup

I discovered this Capital Hill Bean Soup recipe while hunting through one of my many Southern Living magazines. Right from this pile.

Instant Pot Soup

SL Mag is one of my favorites! Even as a child I looked forward to every new issue coming in the mail. I’d then spend hours peering through it reading about cooking, decorating, and visiting interesting Southern places. I still do!

instant pot soup

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The Soup

While thumbing through last January’s edition I spied this soup recipe. The article, Old Family Favorites, was compiled from their Southern Living recipe archives. (Wouldn’t it be an adventure to hunt through those?)

This Capitol Hill Bean Soup was submitted by Lois Wilson of Ackerly, TX back in October 1980. You can see the recipe and its interesting history here at

After studying the soup’s instructions I decided this recipe could easily be Insta-pot-ized. That is, make the necessary adjustments for cooking in the Instant Pot pressure cooker. I did and it turned out so good I just have to tell you about it.

Surprising Ingredients

This soup calls for 3 cups of chopped onion and 3 cups of chopped celery. Don’t you think that’s a lot? I did too, but the results are a surprisingly creamy bowl of soup without an overpowering oniony or celery taste.

Instant Pot Soup
Using the food processor for chopping onions and celery saves time and tears.

Another unusual ingredient is a peeled and mashed baked potato. I know! – Who knew? It’s a genius way to thicken the broth. Ms. Lois sure knew what she was talkin’ ’bout!

Instant Pot Soup
I didn’t have a russet potato like the recipe calls for so I used a red one instead.

The Adjustments

Now about cooking dry beans in the Instant Pot. I find that soaking the beans about eight hours before cooking always brings about the quickest and best results. It doesn’t matter what kind of dry bean or which recipe I’m using. There are those who like to pre-cook them for a jump start, but I like planning ahead and this way has always resulted in a creamy pot of beans.

Instant Pot Soup

FYI, I did try cooking the pound of navy beans without a soak and it ended up needing 45 minutes of high-pressure cooking instead of 20 minutes. It still made a good pot of soup and you can prepare it either way to suit your preference. The planning ahead and faster cook time works best for me.

Another flavorful ingredient for the soup is ham. I used my leftover frozen ham-bone from Christmas the first time. The next few times I used a pound of Tasso (a spicy, smoked Cajun ham) straight from the freezer. That’s the beauty of the Instant Pot, no need to defrost the ingredients when cooking under pressure.

Instan Pot Soup

The recipe also calls for garlic, salt, pepper, and water. I reduced the amount of pepper since I was using a well-seasoned meat and the amount of water from 2-1/2 quarts to 1-1/2 quarts because less water is needed with the pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Soup
I add parsley at the end for more flavor. Yum!

Insta-pot-izing a recipe is lots of fun, especially when the dishes come out as delicious as this one, but if they don’t it usually makes for a good, laughable story. You probably have a few of those yourself.

Hey, If you don’t have an Instant Pot or pressure cooker don’t let that stop you. Just check out the recipe in your January issue of Southern Living Magazine or right here at for stove-top instructions.

With a few more weeks left of winter, this soup will surely fill and warm the tummy. I hope you give it a try and be sure to let me know how it turns out. I enjoy hearing from you!

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