A Red Gravy For Your Chicken, Too

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A flavorful Cajun style, slow-cooked red gravy with chicken thighs is delicious over rice or pasta.



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If you enjoyed Fish In Red Gravy, you’ll like this same gravy cooked with chicken thighs served over pasta just as much. The slow cooking marries this rich sauce and dark meat so well I think it’s better than any pasta sauce I’ve ever had. I guess you could call this a Cajun spaghetti sauce. All I did was add 4 chicken thighs instead of the fish to about half of the sauce that this recipe makes so if you want to prepare the whole recipe you can add about 8-10 thighs or even a whole chicken, cut in pieces. Then I cooked it on low heat for about an hour. It’s so good!


I remember Mamma preparing this kind of chicken dish with spaghetti more than a traditional spaghetti sauce made with beef or meatballs. Daddy didn’t like pasta (a good Cajun is loyal to his rice). He always ate rice with spaghetti sauce so I guess this was an ideal dish to satisfy everyone in the house.

Give this recipe a try by just clicking the highlighted A Red Gravy For Your Fish and it will take you right to the blog post where the full recipe is. I like to serve this with a side dish of green peas. It adds a little sweetness to balance the meal. One of my favorite comfort food suppers!

A pretty start to a good roux!

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